User Portal

Getting Started

Welcome to the entry-level guide of Nimblex University, the User Portal!

After this course, you’ll be entering data like a pro. You’ll be able to participate in the day-to-day operations of your organisation. These pages detail the sections of Nimblex where you’re likely to spend a lot of your time. Reading and understanding this document is also useful because the terminology we will be using here is an important foundation for the knowledge you will receive down the line.

Good luck and have fun!

EForm Records

Nimblex features a powerful form builder, though with we provide most of what you see in a Nimblex platform. The forms themselves will vary from system to system, but this section takes you through the common features of all forms.


Flexible reporting options, with charting, tabular and dashboard reports that can be configured with our easy to use ‘Report Creator’. These pages cover the creation of both reports, printing Tabular Reports and a Tabular Report training video.

Getting Help

Most of our clients elect to do their own tier 1 support, so if you have a problem please contact your system administrator.

As a system administrator, if you need help, please email and we will attend you as fast as possible.

Sometimes we may need to remotely access your system in order to diagnose a problem, in this case we use GoToMeeting. We have included some instructions on how this works here.

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