Tutorial: Reference Groups

Reference Groups

See: Reference Groups

The following steps show how to create a reference group.

  1. Create an eFrom named “Customer” which has a drop-down named as “Client Type”
  2. Create another eForm “Customer Type”, which has a text-box named “Type”
  3. Click Data tab in the design view of eForm “Customer”
  4. Click Add under Reference Groups section,  then there will be a pop up window named New Group
    Add a Reference Group
  5. Type in “Customer Type” in the Name text-box
  6. Select “Customer Type” from the Referenced eForm drop-down box
  7. Click add button twice to add a line to Mappings
  8. Select “Client Type” for Local Column and select “Type” for Referenced Column
  9. Tick the [Filter By] check box besides the mapping line to ensure data is sorted with distinct customer typesEdit Reference Group
  10. Click OK to close the window
  11. Create some records for “Customer Type” eForm to check the result of the drop-down box on “Customer” eForm

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