The navigation bar appears on every page of the platform.

Image 4


  • Home Button – Shows the Main Entry Portal of this system
  • My Records – Contains a list of all records which are currently assigned to you
  • Quicklinks – Shows a list of links to websites or file attachments related to the system
  • eForms – Presents a list of all the eForms in the platform
  • Search Bar – Used to search key words within eForms, eForm records and Quicklinks
  • Advanced Search – Used to search a keyword in a specific area, such as eForms, eForm records or in Quicklinks
  • Help – takes you to (where you are now!)
  • Control Panel – Allows the administrator to manage the platform. A normal user usually does not have the authority to access it
  • Account Settings – Allows users to manage their username, email etc
  • Logout – Guides you out of Nimblex


The toolbar appears on several pages throughout the platform.

This is what you will typically see when you view a record.

Image 12

  • Return – Takes you to the previous page
  • Save – Save any changes you have made on the record.
  • Newclick to create a new record.
  • Duplicate – Duplicates the contents from the current record and make a new record, giving you the option to add/delete/change some data.
  • Parent button -Takes you to the parent record if there exists any.
  • First – Guides you to the First record of this eForm.
  • Previous – Brings you back to the previous record you accessed before.
  • Go – Helps to navigate to the RecordID written in the box.
  • Next – Brings you to the next record in line.
  • Last – Guides you to the last record of this eForm.
  • Switch display mode – helps to switch the display mode between print/screen.
  • Tools – will give a menu of options as shown below.

Image 2

  • Export – will give a menu of options as shown below

Image 3

For more details, you can watch this video:

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