Tips in Microsoft Word

Word includes a few keyboard shortcuts and other tricks that can help when dealing with Merge fields.

Creating a new Field

Press Ctrl+F9 to create an empty field.

Empty field

Note that this is not a ‘merge field’, and you will have to enter content to make it into one.

Example field

This is now a complete Word MERGEFIELD for the field ‘Example Field’. The way this is displayed is referred to as ‘Showing Field Codes’ by Word.

Right click on it, and select ‘Update Field’:

Update field

This will change the appearance of the field to the more common mode:

Normal field view

Editing the Field Codes

To toggle Field Codes on all fields: Press Alt+F9

Normal field view

Will switch between the above view and the below (field codes) view.

Example field

You can edit the field in this view, note that it will not update the display of the field when you turn field codes off.

To fix this:

  • Select all (Ctrl+A)
  • Update selected fields (F9)

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