Tasks: Bulk Create Records (Experimental)

This task type is intended for use in integration, to simplify the plumbing for synchronisation jobs where the ‘master’ data resides in the other system.


  • EFormType (Formula): A formula that should result in the name of an eForm, for which to create the records. Note that this is only evaluated once and all records will be for the same form.
  • Data (Formula): A formula that should result in a data structure describing all the records to be created. This structure will be detailed more below.
  • BatchSize: Generally leave this alone, only useful when getting into the reeds of performance optimisation. This tunes how many records are created in a single database transaction.

Data Structure:

		"content", HASH( // the contents of the record to create, (this is the same structure as 'Formula-Driven Change Field Values' and 'Formula-Driven Raise New Record')
			"fieldA", ARRAY(
			"fieldB", ARRAY(
		"parent", ARRAY("EFormType", 123),
		"match", HASH( // this will search for a record matching these values, and if found, it will update this record rather than creating a new record
			"field1", "value1",
			"field2", "value1"
		"recordID", 1 // if specified will create or replace with the given RecordID
	) // repeat for multiple records