System Builders’ Portal

Welcome to the Nimblex System Builders’ Portal. In this section you will learn everything you need to know to build a Nimblex system from the ground up. Only users in the System Builders special user group are given access to the power The EForm Designer and other tools required for this section.


These are longer guides, intended to teach you the basics that you can re-use over and over again. Take your time and read the linked reading material first, and then tackle the tutorial.

Task 1: Your First Form

Before starting your first task, make sure you read through all the material in the Introduction section of this page.

Once complete, get ready to make Your First Form.

Task 2: A Simple Calculator

Now you are ready to add some smarts to your form designs. This task makes use of the Nimblex formula language. This tutorial will teach you the basics of doing maths with the formula language.

Before beginning, have a read of:

Now you are ready to Build a Simple Calculator.

Task 3: Multi-line Forms

Multi-line forms are a powerful technique for handling a form that might need more than one of something. For example, a simple ‘Invoice’ form will have a single invoice number, but multiple line items representing items delivered to your client.

Read first:

Now you are ready to Build a Multi-line Form.

How To Guides

These are shorter guides about how to use a particular feature.

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