Reference Groups

Reference Groups

There are two ways to populate options into drop-down boxes:

  1. Edit the Values for the drop-down control – usually use this method for short and fixed list of options (options unlikely to change overtime)
  2. Reference data from an eform (which can be another eform or current eform)

This page will explain the second method in detail. The concept of reference group is:

Reference Group Concept

Reference groups use the data from the referenced eform to feed the drop-down box in current eform. Any modifications to the referenced data will be reflected in the list of options of the drop-down. However, those changes will not affect the data stored into current eform’s drop-down box. For example, record 2 of current eform has “Prospect 1st” selected in the Type drop-down. Overtime, we decided to not use “Prospect 1st” as an option anymore, thus removed theĀ “Prospect 1st” record from the referenced eform. What will happen is that:

  • “Prospect 1st” will not appear in the Type drop-down list anymore
  • If you go to record 2 of current eform, you can still seeĀ “Prospect 1st” in the Type box

Try it for yourself in this Tutorial

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