Passing Filters in URLs

Sometimes it is convenient to pass a filter string in the url to a page.

This is especially useful for:

  • TabularReport.aspx
  • ExportTabularReport.ashx

Each of these urls have a ‘where’ query parameter.

For example:


Be aware that you will need to encode your ‘where’ parameter appropriately. There are many tools on the web that can do this for you (e.g. You may also use the platform formula function URLENCODE.

This will pre-filter the tabular report to only show records that are assigned to the current logged in user.

Some examples

Example 1

"TabularReport.aspx&where= "& URLENCODE("[Column1]=" & DB_ENCODECONSTANT([A local field]))

Example 2

This example would be inserted into an entry portal or dashboard, and be used to generate a url to send the user to. This portal has two date fields: [From Date], and [To Date] which the user can select.

The user will then follow the link to a tabular report. The tabular report will be filtered when [Initial Term Date End] is within the above date range.

LET $filters := ARRAY(
        "[Initial Term Date End] >= " & DB_ENCODECONSTANT([From Date])),
        "[Initial Term Date End] <= " & DB_ENCODECONSTANT([To Date]))

// put the filter parts together, separated by ' AND '
LET $where := ARRAY_JOIN($filters, " AND "); 
RETURN EBMS_GET_BASE_URL() & "/TabularReport.aspx?EFormType=Contract+Management&profile=Contract+Expiry+Report&where=" & URLENCODE($where)

For extra fun: A more realistic scenario would have the date fields as optional fields. In this case we need to exclude them if they are not supplied.

LET $filters := ARRAY(
        IF(ISBLANK([From Date]), "", "[Initial Term Date End] >= " & DB_ENCODECONSTANT([From Date])),
        IF(ISBLANK([To Date]), "", "[Initial Term Date End] <= " & DB_ENCODECONSTANT([To Date]))

// remove the blanks from the array
LET $nonBlankFilters := ARRAY_WHERE($filters, $(i, item) NOT(ISBLANK($item))); 

// put the remaining items together, separated by ' AND '
LET $where := ARRAY_JOIN($nonBlankFilters, " AND "); 
RETURN EBMS_GET_BASE_URL() & "/TabularReport.aspx?EFormType=Contract+Management&profile=Contract+Expiry+Report&where=" & URLENCODE($where)

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