Synchronization between Parent and Child

Before proceed please readĀ Tutorial: Parents and Children for the concept about parent and child relationships and how to create them.

This page will explain the data synchronization from parent to childĀ (we call them pipes) not the other way around. Data can be synchronized from child to parent as well by using formulas and dependents which we will cover later.

Linking Pipes

Sometimes some parent eForm information needs to be displayed on a child eForm. We use Link Pipes to automatically display parent information on a child form.

Please note those fields should exist in both parent eForm and child eForm to be able to pipe them. The steps below explain how to add them in:

  • Open the Parent eform designer, select the field which you want to bring data down to child records
  • Click Edit in Referenced Data section on the left side panel, then the Referenced Data screen will pop up
  • Click Add in the section of eForm Record Linking Pipes, then a window Pipes will pop up
  • Select the child eForm in the Pipes window
  • Select the Column that you want to transfer data to
  • Leave “Update on save” option to yes if you want the column on child to be updated automatically when there is a data modification on parent
  • Close these windows and save the changes

Figure 2.2 Linking Pipes

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