Advanced users have authority to make changes to Platform settings. For example, they can change the Homepage, Current logo and Email Template settings by following the steps below.

  • Click Control Panel icon
  • Click Settings in Misc section
  • Once done, remember to click update to save changes

Figure 1.1 Settings for Platform


How to add or delete a Category

Users can add or delete categories by following the steps below:

  • Click Control Panel gear button
  • Click Category in the Misc section
  • To add a new category, type the category name in the provided text box and then click Add
  • To delete a category, click to select it and then click the Delete button

Figure 1.2-1 Categories Management

How to set an eForm’s category

Every eForm belongs to a Category. There are two ways to set the category of an eForm:

Method A: set a category through the control panel

  • Click Control Panel gear button
  • Click Manage eForms under the eForm Design section
  • Click Bulk Apply Categories
  • Select category, then the names of eForm will show up in the two textbox below. The left textbox contains all the eForms of the platform, while the right textbox presents eForms contained in the category that user select
  • Use <<, <, > and >> to move selected eForms from left box to right box in order to add eForms into category

Figure 1.2-2 eForm Category Setting

Figure 1.2-3 Apply Categories

Method B: Another method is to set category in design view of the eForm.

  • Enter the design view of an eForm
  • Find “Categories” section at the bottom of Overview page
  • Use dropdown box to select the category and click Add button make the current eForm contained in the category

Figure 1.2-4 Category Setting

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