JSON API – Basic Reporting


Record-Rows – Filtered record data

This function is not strictly conformant with JSON API.

GET @apiroot/recordrows/<urlencoded eformtype>?filter=<filter>&page%5Boffset%5D=<start item offset>&page%5Blimit%5D=<number of items>&columns=<JSON Array of columns>

The following parameters are available. Note that square brackets must be urlencoded (%5B, %5D).

  • filter: a filter string
  • page[offset]: skip this number of records
  • page[limit]: return this number of records
  • columns: a json array of column names to include, if not included this will assume only RecordID, mandatory for meta-forms




    "data": [
            "RecordID": 1,
            "EFormType": "banana"

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