How to: Set up a reminder

The Nimblex platform features a powerful scheduler system.

Scheduled events can trigger a range of actions. The most common use is for basic reminders based on due dates.

The people who are going to receive the notifications will vary from use case to use case. They can be any users, user groups, email addresses saved in the system. The date can be any date values stored in the system (which users may change over time) or a recurring date of each month.

This page contains some standard steps of how to set up a notification. The case that we are going to use as an example here is sending notifications three months before the End Date of the following eform:

Handling due dates that change

Unfortunately the simple setup of a run-once event does not handle a case where a due date is extended after the reminder has already been sent. To do this we have to keep a record of when the notification was last sent, and allow a notification to be re-sent after this date.

This is an example from a Contract form:

You will need:

  • A date field to dictate when the reminder should be sent (Can be the actual expiry date, but commonly you will want it to be earlier). (Next Expiry Notification)
  • A date field to store the ‘last time the notification ran’ to allow us to work out when to allow repetition. (Last Expiry Notification)

These are the basic settings required:

You will need to include a NotificationTask, and a ChangeFieldValuesTask:

The notification task settings are entirely up to you, and depend on what you want to achieve.

You will need a ChangeFieldValuesTask to assign a value to the field [Last Expiry Notification].


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