How to move a whole system between platforms

Below is a summary of the steps to take when populating a new System:

1. When we need to move more than one eforms between platforms (especially when we want to bring data with), we usually export them in one go into a wedge. (See in Importing and Exporting Forms for how to export a wedge).

2. Export Records Relationships (Control Panel => Manage Record Relationships). The wedge exported in step one contains eforms and records, however which doesn’t include the relationships of the records i.e. which child record linked to which parent record.


6. Click Manage Record Relationships

7. Click Export links

3. Import the wedge, NOTE: If any eForm is already in the system you need to ensure that all existing data within the form has been cleared) (See in Importing and Exporting Forms).

4. Import records relationships into target system (downloaded in step 2).

12. Click Manage ReRelationships - Import

13. Click Import links

14. Upload imported file

5. Update eForm Records (eForms => click ‘Task’ beside the eForm name => Update Records). This is to ensure that the data we brought into the target platform is properly updated i.e. data needs to flow in from parent to child, formula driven data

Figure 3.3 eForm Records Update

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