How to: Change a Users’ Password

How to Change a Users’ Password

Does not apply for Active Directory Integration

  1. Go to the Control Panel or Administration Portal
  2. Click Manage Users or Manage Users or Groups
  3. Click on the user you want to edit (it will be highlighted in Blue)
  4. Click the Edit button (Highlighted in orange in the Manage Roles screenshot above).
    You will see the pop-up Edit User window:

    Edit User Window

  5. On the Edit User window, click on the Change hyperlink next to Password, and you will see two fields appear next to Password:
  6. Type in your new password next to Password and then again into Confirm
  7. Click Accept and the fields will disappear
  8. To complete this action, click Update at the bottom right (Note that you must separately click Accept and Update for this to work)

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