Guest Accounts

In addition to Users and Groups, Nimblex has a third role type: Guests.

Guests are designed for cases where you want to strictly limit access to a person within your Nimblex platform.

For a typical User, most functionality is enabled by default.

For Guests everything must be enabled explicitly.


  1. Guests are not automatically part of the Everyone group – meaning:
    1. Default eForm permissions have an entry for Everyone that gives Read and Write access, which gives normal users access by default – as a result, guests will not have access to any of your forms by defaqult
    2. Default eForm view permissions have an entry for Everyone that gives Use access – to let guests use your form, you will need to add them into your view permissions explicitly – take note of this as it is often confusing for first time implementers
  2. Guests are restricted from using most system functions. The full list of what they are able to use is below. Note that all of these except #1 are disabled by default but can be enabled by an administrator.
    1. Normal eForm record usage (within permissions)
    2. Help
    3. Quicklinks
    4. Tabular Report
    5. Charting Report
    6. EForms list
    7. Access ‘My Records’
    8. Edit own account settings (I.e. change their own email or password)

When you are writing a formula, the formula: EBMS_IS_USER_IN_ROLE(EBMS_GET_CURRENT_USER(), “Everyone”) is always true for Users, and false for Guests (Note that you can explicitly add them to ‘Everyone’ but it is not advised).

We strongly recommend using this facility if you are allowing users’ outside your organisation to use your system as it gives a measure of protection against them wandering into areas only intended for internal use.