EForm Controls

EForm Controls


EForms are split up into sections called Blocks. These sections can be expanded or collapsed based on your need. Simply click once on the heading of the box to collapse or expand the content.

Nimblex Features - Collapsible Blocks
EForm Controls – Blocks

Drop-down menus are used to select from a pre-existing set of data. Some drop-down menus will only load their data when they are selected. These menus may take a few seconds to display and may show a large amount of data. You can type directly into these menus to filter results based on what you type.

eBMS Features - Dropdown Menus
EForm Controls – Dropdown Menus

Check Boxes

You can use Check boxes to indicate yes or no to a stated sentence.

EForm Controls – Check Box

Date Picker

The date picker allows you to choose a date. Click on the date picker and a calender will appear. You can then click through the months and years to find the date you are looking for. Click a day to input that date. Some date pickers also support selecting a time.

eBMS Features - Date Picker
EForm Controls – Date Picker

Information Icon

To help clarify a process or how to use a section of a form, some EForms have Information Icons. You can hover the mouse over these icons to display some helpful rollover text. Some also have extended information that is displayed when you click on the icon.

EForm Controls - Information Icon
EForm Controls – Information Icon

Attached Documents

The Attached Documents button allows you to attach a file or document to the current eForm Record.

An eForm can have a special button added to it for the management of Attached Documents.

eBMS Features - Attached Document Button
EForm Controls – Attached Documents Button

Attached Documents can also be accessed on the sidebar, under the Tools heading.

Toolbar – Tools Dropdown

Clicking either button will open an Attached Documents Manager.

eBMS Features - Attached Documents - Document Manager
eBMS Features – Attached Documents – Document Manager

Here users can upload new documents using the Upload button and Delete documents using the red (-) button.

Option Buttons

Use option buttons to select one of a number of different choices.

EForm Controls - Option Buttons
EForm Controls – Option Buttons

Table Controls

A Table Control is a custom display of a number of rows of data. These can be filtered for searching, and usually allow you to click on a row to view the record associated with the data (if the table is displaying records).

The buttons in the bottom right corner do the following:

  1. Expand – Displays the table in a full-page view for examining large tables of data
  2. Export – Downloads the table data in an Excel format
  3. Refresh – Refreshes the data contained in the table, to display updated results
EForm Controls – Table


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