Custom User Preferences (5.5+)

Custom User Preferences allow System Builders to store named values against users. This is intended to represent the users’ preferences. For example, you could use this to remember how they have their front dashboard configured.

Preferences are tied to the account that actually logged in – so when acting as another account, it will still use the logged in user accounts’ preferences.

How to Use

Add a set of option buttons to a form:

Set some possible values:

Now edit the Change event on the option buttons:

Add a ‘Set User Preference’ task:

Specify a name, and a formula that will decide what value to store:

To load the preference, you can now use the EBMS_GET_PREFERENCE function.

Note that the first parameter is the ‘name’ of the parameter, and the second one allows you to specify a default value if that preference has not yet been specified.


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