Creating a new Charting Report Profile

How to Create a new Profile

After accessing the Charting Report interface of “Quality Concerns Database”, users can create a new profile for themselves by following the steps below.

  1. Click the Add button at top left of the Profile panel to add a new profile
  2. Enter a profile name in the text box
  3. Select a Chart Type from the dropdown box in the Chart section of Properties (e.g. Table, Bar, BarPercent, Area, AreaPercent, Line)
  4. Set the Chart Title in the Chart section of Properties
  5. Click the Edit button under Data to edit the data to be displayed on the bar chart, then select the Column Name from the Name dropdown of the pop up window and select the Aggregate dropdown
  6. Select X-Axis Labels form the dropdown box in Data section
  7. Select “Yes/No” from the dropdown box of UseSplitAsSeries in the Chart section to slip the graph by the value in the split column, which means each subject has its own graph, you can click Preview to check results
  8. You can also change the width and height from the Layout tab
  9. Click the Edit button in the Security section to edit access rights for this chart – you can select a username from the drop down box of the Security window to add it into the list
  10. Use Filter in the Selection section to get the chart report that you want (please refer to Advanced Filtering for Chart Reporting)
  11. Save the changes by clicking the Save button at top left of the interface


The "Add" Button creates a new profile
The “Add” Button creates a new profile

The "New Profile" Popup Window
The “New Profile” Popup Window

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