Advanced Filtering for Charting Reports

Advanced Filtering for Charting Reporting

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After they access a Charting Report, users can create a filter by following the steps below.

  • Click the Edit button in Selection to add a new filter expression
  • Click to create an And Group
  • Click to create a line and select it to open up filter option pop up
  • Select Operator in the pop up Filter window
  • Click Edit in the Left section to open the pop up Left window, then select “Source eForm Column” from the drop down and select “Column Name: Customer” for the Left settings, now close the pop up window
  • Select “IsNotNull” from the Operator dropdown box
  • Click Preview at top left of the chart report interface
  • You can also change the width and height from the Layout tab
  • Click the Save button at top left of the interface to save all the changes
Conditional Expression Filter for Charting
Conditional Expression Filter for Charting

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