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  • 14 Sep 2020
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Side Panel

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Side Bar

To access the side Bar, click on the blue arrow on the left of the form screen, this will open theSide Bar , see below picture. Below we will discuss some of theSide Bar options that a general user has access to.

The eBMS Platform Side Bar

  • The Export to PDF link lets you download the current Record or Tabular Report in PDF format.
  • The Export to PNG link allows you to download the current Record as a PNG image.
  • The Attached Documents link allows you to manage and upload files or documents associated with the currenteForm .

As seen from the picture below, the following steps should be followed to attach a file:

  • Click Attached Documents tab on the left sidebar of the eForm , then theAttached Documents Window will pop up
  • Click the Upload Button on the Attached Documents Window , another pop up window named Upload Files will show up.


Upload Button

  • Click the button Choose Files and another pop up will appear, allowing you to select your desired file by clicking it.
  • Click the Open button to confirm the selected file.
  • Click the Add button, followed by the Upload button to upload the file onto the current eForm . Users have the option of attaching as many files as they want.
  • Close the windows step by step to complete the upload file process.


Navigation Side Bar 1

  • When you click onto the Manage Linked eForm Records link, a window will pop up. This window allows you to view all linked Parent and Child records to that particular eForm. On the pop up window, you have the option of Adding new child eForm records, refreshing existing records, or deleting records.


Navigation Side Bar 2

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