• 14 Sep 2020
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Searching Nimblex

There are a number of strategies you can employ to find things in your Nimblex system. This article gives guidance for finding what you want.

General Search

Nimblex allows you to search the whole platform for EForms, Records, Record Attachments, and QuickLinks. Enter a query into the Search Box on the Navigation Bar at the top of the page, and click the Magnifier icon to search.

Search Icon

Depending on the configuration, only certain fields on each EForm will be searched for your query. Searchable fields are usually short descriptive text or unique identifiers such as a Contract ID.


Clicking on the result will navigate somewhere depending on the result type:

  • EForms will take you to a tabular report of that EForm
  • EForm Records will open the associated record
  • EForm Record Attachments will open the associated record
  • Quicklinks will immediately use the quicklink, taking you to the link’s configured page or file.

Search using a Portal

Your system might have one or more special Portal forms with tools for common tasks, including searching for particular records. In the example below from our demo, you can search for Procurements by using table search boxes as filters or date filters to find a specific record.


Search for Records using Tabular Report

If you don’t have a Portal that does the job and you’re not sure what to type into the Search Box, you can probably still find what you’re looking for using a Tabular Report. Click the EForms link on the Navigation bar to get a list of all the EForms on the system (to which you have permission):


From this list you can find the particular EForm you want to search. Clicking the “View” link will open the Tabular Report for that form.


On the Tabular Report page you can use quick filters to search particular fields on the form for the data you’re expecting. Fore a more in-depth tutorial on tabular reporting, have a look at our documentation here

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