Full Text Search
  • 14 Sep 2020
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Full Text Search

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The Nimblex platform has supported a full text search function when hosted with Nimblex public cloud for a long time. Version 5.4 expanded this ability to all installs of the software, as well as expanding it to include attached documents (pdf, docx and txt).

To search, type something in this box and hit enter:

Search Box

If you click on the magnifying glass icon without entering a search term it will take you to the advanced search page. Note that the checkboxes shown as checked are the same defaults used when you search using the toolbar search.

Advanced Search

This is a simple results page example. Click the link to take you to the relevant record (or form design or quicklink).

Search Results To allow System Builder’s flexibility in setting up useful search within their system, and to limit the size of the text index, only the Description field is indexed by default.

To change what is indexed, open your form in the eForm Designer.

Select Field

Hit Edit.


Find ‘Text Indexing’


And set it to ‘Yes’


Text-Index-True Now for any new or updated records this value will be included in the index.

Because reindexing is slow, and to allow for cases where you are making multiple changes to the text index, all the existing and unedited records will not be reindexed. To trigger a reindex when you are ready, open the Control Panel.
Bringing up this page:

Update Text Indexes

Press Reindex , which will mark all records as needing a reindex. Reindexing is a slow operation, so we limit it to 200 records every 5 minutes.

Update Index

It will output a log message, along the lines of:


On the same page there is also an Export index contents link that will give you an xlsx file with all the entries that are currently in the index. It will not give you the actual indexed text, but it can be a useful tool in understanding why something isn’t showing up when you search.

Some forms are not practical to index, for example a form that has a large number of largely numeric data. In these cases it can be useful to remove them completely from the index.

To do so, open the form in the designer.

Overview Tab

And open the Overview tab. Way down the bottom is a ‘Searching’ section. To exclude from searching, set this dropdown to ‘No’. To take effect, you will have to reindex the form.

Overview Search

Further notes for Builders:

  • Full text search does not respect permissions. Users will not be able to open any records to which they don’t have permission, but they will be able to see the search result which includes the RecordID and Description .
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