External Forms
  • 14 Sep 2020
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External Forms

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The Nimblex platform supports a flavour of basic web integration via a function referred to as ‘External Forms’. This function allows you to embed a HTML version of a Form into a website, allowing users to submit new records from the web.

For example this ‘Contact Form’:


Open the Control Panel:


Then select External Forms :


This will take you to a blank Manage External Forms page.


Select a Form in the ‘EForm’ dropdown. This will show if that form is enabled for external forms usage, and then allow you to generate some HTML to use. Check the Enable checkbox to activate for that form.

Note: external forms do not enforce column level permissions (including ACLs), nor do they pay any attention at all to view settings (Including Block and Control Visibility and Readonlyness). As such we recommend using this function only for pure data capture forms. You can then drive further action from other forms and the scheduler.

PressRe-generate form to generate the HTML. This will automatically include every data field in the form (even those that are not currently linked to controls).


To delete a row (and everything in it). Right click on the row, and you will see:


Use this to delete anything you don’t want. For more advanced editing, switch to the ‘HTML’ tab.


You can restructure the form however you want, the key elements that must remain are:

  • F_ prefixed column name
  • All fields inside a form with the action provided


When done, copy the HTML out of the editors ‘HTML’ mode into your website.

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