Department Hierarchy
  • 14 Sep 2020
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Department Hierarchy

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An example organisation structure using departments and positions:


Why use a department structure?

  • This is a more accurate way to manage the real organisational structure.
  • In this case both the departments and users have to be managed to attain the proper workflow.
  • From the Control Panel, an Administrator has to go to Departments link and set up the departments as shown below .


  • By giving the name of Parent Department for each department, a hierarchical organisational structure can be maintained.
  • Then use the Positions link from the Control Panel and add all the position names.
  • Use ‘Users’ and Groups’ link and click on each user and edit button to add the department name and position name.


  • Positions can also be used along with supervisor trees to manage the organisational structure.

Maintain workflow

  • This method can help to assign records to responsible persons in other departments or to people from the same department based on their positions.
  • This is the best way to manage workflow if an organisation has a hierarchical organisational structure and wants the system to maintain the workflow hierarchically.
  • Records can have different sections accessible to people from different departments if required.
  • It also helps in setting up permissions to read, write, delete or administrate records based on the department of each users.
  • Thus users from various departments can have different permission set up to access a complete record or various sections of a record.
  • This way Nimblex helps to provide great respect to the privacy and confidentiality of client records.

In Nimblex workflow is driven with the help of buttons or scheduled events.

Tasks such as changing status values, sending notifications etc. can be added to buttons or scheduled events.

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