How to Create a New User
  • 14 Sep 2020
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How to Create a New User

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Create a New User

Platform Managed Users

See below for Active Directory Integration

  1. Go to the Control Panel or Administration Portal

  2. Click Manage Users or Manage Users or Groups

  3. On the Manage Roles page, you will see the buttons Create User and Create Group on the top and a list of users that currently exist in the system. Please see the screenshot below:

Manage Roles Popup Window

  1. Click on the Create User button (Highlighted in Red), and you will see a pop-up New User window:

New User Window

  1. Type in

    1. Username: Used to log into the system later

    2. Display Name: Usually the user’s full name.

    3. Email: Email address of the user in which the system will send notifications to

  2. By ticking the Check-box called Email user with details , an email will be sent to the email address entered with the username and a default password.

  3. The text typed into Email message for user will be included in the email sent, as mentioned in 4.

  4. Click the Create button and it will automatically direct you back to the Manage Roles page. There will be a message on the bottom right corner, informing you that the entered data has been successfully created and saved. The message “Successfully created user xxx” will be displayed.

Adding a User into an Active Directory Integrated System

  1. In your Active Directory user management: Add the relevant use to the Active Directory to eBMS integration group

    The user will not be transferred to eBMS immediately. You can trigger this by manually triggering a resynchronisation in eBMS.

  2. In the eBMS platform: Set up Supervisor and Financial Approval Limit for the new user (As inManage Supervisors and Financial Approval Limit )

  3. Add this user into any required user groups

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