Configuring a Reporting Dashboard
  • 14 Sep 2020
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Configuring a Reporting Dashboard

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Under the Reporting Control in the design mode, there are four types of reporting controls: Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Table and Tabular Report Control.

Configuring a Bar Chart

Drag and drop a Bar Chart control.

You can choose any of the ‘Clustered’ or ‘Stacked’ or ‘Percentage Stacked’ option.


Click on the Edit button under Data, you can see a pop up as shown below.

Here you configure the requirements for the bar chart.


    1. Choose the eform to use as a data source (I.e. I want to report on Incident and Hazard Reports).

    2. Select the data field which has to be used as x-axis category (Labels).

    3. Optional: Select the data field based on which you want to split the bar (this will be used to split the data into multiple series)

    4. Under columns, select the column name and the aggregate to be shown on the graph.

    5. Under Filter source data, you can write the filter expressions based on which you want to filter the data.


Configuring a Pie Chart

Drag and drop a Pie Chart control


    1. Choose the eform from which the data has to be captured.

    2. Select the datafield based on which the pie chart should be split.

    3. Select the column name of the data field values and aggregate which you want to capture.

    4. Set up the filter criteria based on which data has to be filtered.


Configuring a Table

Drag and drop a Table control

Similar to the previous examples, follow step by step to configure a table and get a reporting table as shown below.


Configuring a Tabular Report Control

Drag and drop the Tabular Report Control.


    1. Choose the eform from which the data has to be captured.

    2. Select the columns by clicking on Edit button.

    3. Select the column name based on which you want to sort the table by clicking on Add.

    4. Set up the filter expression by clicking on Edit.


    • Tabular Report Control has some additional features compared to other Report Controls.
    • There is a Refresh button below on the right side along with Full screen and Export options.
    • The blank boxes below the column names can be used for filtering records.
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