Nimblex 6 – Sneak Peek 1

Dear Friends, This message just gives a sneak preview of a few of the updated functions in Nimblex 6. We always make sure to maintain 100% compatibility between versions of the platform, so we expect upgrades to be painless. Occasionally we do make a decision to remove unpopular or otherwise […]

Dear Friends, For the last 9 months the development team at eBMS, including myself, have been locked in a room working hard on an important project. We have been re-architecting, rebuilding and updating the Nimblex platform. Announcing Nimblex 6 Nimblex 6 represents hundreds of hours of work over the last […]

I started at eBMS in January 2007. I was an Industry Based Learning student from Latrobe University, and I was appointed to help in the development team at the old eBMS office in Heidelberg. The first task I was assigned was to convert a desktop-based form designer into a web-based […]

Dear Friends, In these challenging times, we rely more strongly on one another and our community. We must look out for each other and help protect those who are in need or vulnerable. We at eBMS would like to help build a stronger sense of community, and in light of […]