Nimblex 6 – Sneak Peek 1

Stuart Murray

Dear Friends,

This message just gives a sneak preview of a few of the updated functions in Nimblex 6.

We always make sure to maintain 100% compatibility between versions of the platform, so we expect upgrades to be painless. Occasionally we do make a decision to remove unpopular or otherwise undesirable functionality, but we always ensure that there is a better option that can be switched to with little effort.

This is our new login screen:

Updated Controls

This is our new date picker:

We’ve updated the appearance and usability of many of our controls, which we may elaborate on more if you are interested.

Audit Report

We have implemented a better audit log:

Control Panel

The control panel has been significantly cleaned up and revamped, moving items into categories on the sidebar:

You can now manage your users and their group memberships within a single screen.

As an often requested feature, we have also added the option of having a user’s phone number field included.

In each post I will try to share something positive I’ve seen in the media about community spirit and caring for each other.

Technology has shown its “human” side during this pandemic as we rely on it, for example, to work from home, for online schooling, online shopping, etc. This is an interesting article on how recent hackathons have tackled COVID-19 with innovative tech solutions:

“10 Innovative Corona Virus Solutions Created During Online Hackathons”

Take care of yourselves and each other,

Stuart Murray
Technical Director